Dental Cleanings

A Complete Clean for Your Perfect Smile

If you're due for another visit to the doctor's office, Mariner Dental will provide you with a complete routine dental cleaning in Marine City, MI. Patients return to us knowing they'll receive in-depth treatments during every appointment.
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Dental Cleaning Services in Marine City, MI

Dental cleanings are an integral part of maintaining your natural and healthy smile for as long as possible. Professional dental cleanings are thorough and can access parts of your mouth regular brushing and flossing can not. Regular 6 month cleanings are a proactive way to deter oral disease. Regular dental check ups also provide our dental team at Mariner Dental with the opportunity to scan your mouth for any developing oral health concerns for early and conservative treatment.

Our dental hygienist will perform your dental cleaning. Our hygienist is highly qualified and well trained in providing thorough and comfortable dental cleanings. Once you feel relaxed, our hygienist will begin the dental cleaning.

Using specialized tools, the hygienist will carefully and gently remove any debris from all surfaces of the teeth. Dental cleanings help to remove plaque and tartar build up in hard to reach places. Regular dental cleanings can help to prevent tooth decay, gum disease, and even tooth loss.

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