Dentures & Partials

Feel Confident in Your Smile Again

At Mariner Dental, we'll offer you a wide range of smile-restoring dentures & partials in Marine City, MI. Our dental office provides you with full or partial teeth set replacements customized to fit your needs.
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Choose Your Perfect Teeth Restoring Product

Dentures and partials are ideal options for replacing your missing teeth.

We provide customized dentures to replicate your former teeth's appearance, feeling and bite. We secure full-set replacement dentures over your gum that function precisely like natural teeth. Partials are specially designed to fill the gaps resulting from tooth loss, anchored to the area of your mouth where teeth are missing.

Both options will perfectly fit your natural teeth by matching their color and texture.

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Restore Your Smile With a Customized Solution

Our practice specializes in helping patients speak, chew and smile like they used to do. Whether you've lost your full-set or a few teeth, we provide customized replacements to achieve your ideal appearance, feeling and function.

We'll discuss your dental wants and needs during your consultation. Your preferences help us determine replacement options suitable for you. We complete caring, comprehensive treatments that will make you feel proud and secure in your smile again.

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