Root Canals

We Provide Ultimate Comfort for Your Smile

Mariner Dental fixes your decaying or damaged teeth with root canals in Marine City, MI. Our specialist assesses your tooth during your examination, determines the cause of your pain and forms a plan to stop it.
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An Effective Option for Restoring Your Tooth

If your cracked or decayed tooth is affected by bacteria, you may worry about the best treatment option. Luckily, advancements in medicine and technology have made modern root canals convenient and painless. We'll carefully remove the bacteria and pulp, sealing the canal off to prevent the bacteria from building up again. We administer a safe and effective sedative for a painless procedure during treatment. You'll feel at ease as we take care of you.
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Dental Care for Adults and Kids

Don't hesitate to schedule an appointment if that chronic toothache keeps bothering you. Bacteria build-up and decay don't go away on their own. The sooner you have us assess your tooth, the sooner we can decide on the best treatment options without resorting to an extraction.

We provide root canals for patients of all ages. In our family-oriented practice, you and your family will feel comfortable and at home. Patient confidence and safety are top priorities.

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