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Mariner Dental provides careful and pain-free tooth extraction in Marine City, MI. When toothaches and pain become too much to bear, our team will evaluate your teeth and identify the issue. Our top treatments restore patient smiles.
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We Give Caring Emergency Dental Services in Marine City, MI

Hopefully, your broken, damaged or decaying tooth can be remedied with a simple treatment. However, some cases may require complete removal of the affected tooth to restore oral health. In these cases, we recommend extracting the damaged tooth so a new tooth can grow in. Extraction prevents further decay and infection from occurring, and it stops the constant pain after you heal from the procedure. Sedatives and numbing agents are applied to ensure painless comfort.

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We'll Provide You With Teeth Replacement Options

If a new tooth won't grow in place, a replacement tooth is available to you. We guide our patients through our wide selection of replacement options, helping them make the right decision based on their needs and preferences.
Your replacement tooth will blend in seamlessly with the rest of your teeth, imitating the appearance, texture and color of your old healthy tooth. We're here to make your smile stand out—not your replacement. Contact us about options today.

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