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At Mariner Dental, we remedy tooth wear and tear through restorative dentistry in Marine City, MI. Restore your smile to its original beauty.
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A Better Smile With Restoration Services

Your teeth may sustain wear over time or due to a sudden accident. Tooth damage can negatively affect your tooth's appearance, structure and overall oral health. Our restoration services correct the damages caused by decay, cracking, cavities and other oral health issues. We provide a range of gap filling, tooth covering and custom replacement solutions to boost confidence in your smile, such as:
Teeth Restoration Services by Mariner Dental, MI
Dental Implants at Mariner Dental in Marine City, MI


Fill empty gaps with a permanent, realistic implant.
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Dentures & Partials Service by Mariner Denta;, MI

Dentures & Partials

Custom replacements that look identical to natural teeth.
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Crowns & Bridges

Cover damaged teeth or fill in tooth gaps.
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Restoring Smiles for Adults and Children

Our specialist possesses years of experience helping patients feel proud and confident in their smiles again. If you're tired of tooth decay, damage or an unpleasant smile negatively impacting your life, we're here to help. We provide adult and children fillers for unwanted tooth gaps and custom, lifelike replacements that blend smoothly with natural teeth. Feel free to contact us for a dental appointment today.
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