Emergency Dentistry

We Fix Urgent Oral Health Issues Quickly

Mariner Dental treats sudden oral health matters through emergency dentistry in Marine City, MI. We alleviate pain and prevent further oral health issues from occurring later.
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Immediate Dental Services for Children and Adults

When a toothache or pain strikes without notice, you want nothing more than to make it go away. Lingering or intense aches usually indicate that a severe issue—such as decay or infection—negatively impacts your teeth. Our caring and attentive specialist is trained and experienced in fixing urgent oral health problems. We'll relieve your pain, eliminate your issue and implement preventative measures with the following:
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Carefully removes irreparable teeth while numbing your pain.
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Root Canals

We eliminate infection-causing bacteria from your tooth.
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Repair Your Teeth and Relieve Your Pain

Comfort and security are here. If you or your child suffers from tooth decay, infection or discomfort, we recommend scheduling an exam as soon as possible. Our friendly and caring team will evaluate your teeth, determine the exact cause of your suffering and form an action plan for restoring your oral health. We'll make the process quick and effective so you can get back to normal.
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