The Perfect Restorative Dental Option for You

Mariner Dental provides patients with high-quality dental implants in Marine City, MI. Fill in tooth gaps and fulfill your smile with our top dental solutions. Our specialist will guide you towards the right implant for you.
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Dental Implants in Marine City, MI

An implant is a robust, long-lasting and realistic replacement for a missing tooth. We complete treatments by carefully placing the implant in your tooth gap and stabilizing it with durable support rods. The implant looks, feels and works precisely like the tooth it replaced. With your implant, you'll be able to chew and smile as you used to while enjoying its realistic texture, color and size. We'll help you pick an implant that blends in seamlessly.
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Gain Back Confidence in Your Smile

If you feel insecure about your missing tooth or gap, you're not alone. Our practice provides top-tier replacements for our patients. We can provide quality, cost-effective replacements for adults and children, customized to fit in with their natural teeth. We'll assess your tooth gap during your exam and consult with you about your replacement options. Our practice offers a wide range of replacement choices, and we place them with the utmost care.
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